The City We Lost

I remember very well when we used to come from the rural areas,

We could not sleep the previous night

Expectant of our next day by bus

A journey to the City

We were so filled with gusto that we will be going to see the city lights

In the so called sunshine city (Harare)

A City were people do not sleep….

By then – there was no rural electrification to talk about

It was enviable to visit and experience the City Life

The Bright Neon lights of the City

At that time there were no barber shops in rural areas.By the end of the school holiday, an English cut would ‘tell’ – you had been in the City.

All the other kids would come and surround you at break time and ask about your experience in the City.

You would narrate to them with zest about the episodes at the Agricultural show.

How we loved to be in the city?

They told us of bathing with tap water

Water mixed with Soda –

Water that lighten your skin

But now

Garbage is strewn all over

Robbers and thieves are on the loose

Kids now play with sewage effluent

Electricity is now epileptic

I  Hear …

They now fetch water in the wells

They now use firewood to cook

They now get sick of cholera, dysentery, typhoid

They are told the Hwange and Kariba power stations have experienced mechanical faults

They are told be patient gentleman and ladies

Use power cautiously, sparingly and economically

Switch off all lights when you go to bed

They have been taught new romantic treats

Be romantic, make love in the Dark – save Energy!

The Hararians have become even more romantic – even the Die Hard traditionalists

Can now enjoy candle lit dinner

Thanks to the Power Utility for teaching the loved ones, how to have some romantic dinner events

Power supply is now epileptic.

The city has become a dangerous place during the night.

But the garages AND driveways of the rich – are lit the whole night

We hear others in the parastatals are being paid obscene salaries

Yet others are being paid starvation wages

We hear the Commuter Omnibuses are always playing hide-and-seek with the bribe seeking police

We hear traffic jam has increased

It all happens in the City we lost

We hear potholes are now a common feature in the City Roads

We mourn over….

A City we Lost!!!!