Eulogy to My Dad


A man who loved his bottle with a passion
Its only but mere memories now
You fought a long battle,
But, the Lord saw it fit
And decided that your time was up

You fought a good fight,

We only hope that your soul has found eternal peace
A man who believed in his ideas
A man who believed in doing things quicker and faster
A man who believed in sharing and giving
But when you passed on
Relatives and friends quickly forgot
Such is the naked cruel nature of life
They loved you
Not for whom you were
But they loved your money

When we least expected you would leave us
When we thought you were on the full road to recovery
But in you, you had already given up
You constantly appealed to God to rest your soul
For your flesh was in deep pain
For you were…

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Tale of Kuda


Each day brought its fair share of challenges. Most of the times he would go home wearing a sad face. At times when lady luck could smile on him – he would go home with a smile on his face. At such a young age he had mastered the art of doing business. The challenges of orphan hood had thrown him into the deep end. His parents had passed on in the late 1990s due to the HIV/AIDS scourge. Such a tragic event occurred at a time when it used to be taboo mentioning about the deadly pandemic either behind closed doors or in public. These were the years when songs were sung about HIV/AIDS being a deadly killer disease. Various singers ranging from Charles Charamba, Oliver Mtukudzi, Dino Mudondo and others belted songs that spoke of the ravaging effect of the pandemic.

Many years had rushed into each other…

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