EX – Factor

Not a day would pass by without me visiting her Facebook profile. To say that I was done with her would be a lie. Though we had separated I still had shots for her. I would still check on her latest postings, profile pictures – this brought me fond memories of the bygone days. It was the power of the EX – which the youth in my neighbourhood had decided to term the X – factor.
It was a stubborn feeling that I could not wish away. As much as I tried to forget about her, the feeling and craving to be with her constantly haunted me. It was the power of the ex. She had already blocked me. For our worlds were now worlds apart. The pain and longing for the bygone days kept on eating to the core of my heart. I could not just forget about her – the memories of us. But how time fly and how emotions change. That was then!

As i have sleepless nights, watching the moon, the stars and the dark long lonely nights – i have developed an addiction to listening Dolly Parton’s music.