Kingdom of Love

We always had shots for each other. What only kept us apart was the mere fact that, we were friends. We both dreaded to break our friendship. We both knew one stupid move about love would collapse our friendship.

It came a day in our lives.

Our eyes pierced straight into each other. Our noses connected automatically. Our lips as if not to be outdone were trembling. I could feel the outpouring instinctive drive to taste the glowing shiny lips. They were captivating and inviting. In me, they aroused the profound need and urge for the lip contact.

Then there was the feeling of the quickening of my pulse rate.I touched her hand gently. Our lips locked into each other. She looked so romantic with the bedroom eyes. Eventually she looked sleepy before she closed those cute eyes – the chemistry seemed to have taken a toll on her. I touched her light skinned thighs – they were like ‘Fanta’ (soda), so appetising and breath-taking! She showered me with passionate kisses. Kisses that leave you asking for more. A kiss that creates lasting thoughts.

Suddenly she shouted, ‘Gift please stop!’ for ‘Christ’s sake we are friends’, she yelled.

Words seemed to have escaped my mind.I only opened my mouth but words could not come out.

‘Mmmmmmmmmmm……’, I stammered.

Men you are like dogs – how could I even look at you’, she charged at me.

Oh! How come I could not even hear the alarm ringing, i had been imagining and dreaming…oh poor me! I realised I was somehow late. It was already 6 in the morning.

All these were fantasies of me and her in a Kingdom where the sun never set.


Mai Tira

He flung the door open. He was dead drunk. From his breath one could pick that he had been drinking the popular spirit Krango.He could hardly stand. Baba Tira was a married man aged 34, but due to heavy drinking he looked older than his age. He was that kind of a dude who would come home dead drunk and unashamedly would pick a fight with his wife. Baba Tira received every respect that would come from an obedient, subservient, oppressed, vulnerable, powerless and understanding woman. He was a typical traditional and African man – who believed in wife bashing as a sign of macho.

Baba Tira would at times pick a fight over silly issues, that include but are not limited to ‘too much’ or ‘too little’ cooking oil in the relish. At times Mai Tira would be bashed for putting ‘too little’ salt in the relish. All this was meant to divert attention from his late coming, his drunkenness, his neglect of the family and his infidelity. Mai Tira short for Tirabhuru felt unloved and neglected – she never enjoyed her marriage life. What kept her going was the consolation that she would stay for the children.

‘Ndingadii nhai asikana ini ndakabereka – ndinogarira vana vangu’ , she would say.

She literally meant, she would stay come hail come thunder, no matter what it takes.

‘What would I do, when I already have children – I will stay put for my kids’

Mai Tira was beaten by baba Tira almost on a daily basis. Even the children, could also be subjected to some lashings occasionally. The kids could only enjoy in their father’s absence. Whenever they heard their dad singing in his drunken stupor – they would run to bed. At times baba Tira would bring prostitutes of different shape and size to their matrimonial bed. He would beat Mai Tira and order her to go and sleep in their children’s room.

However, Mai Tira was a larger than life character in the whole neighbourhood in Mufakose. Despite all this bad treatment she would wake up every morning to sweep the yard. She always made it a point to wear that feigned smile.You could see the deep agony, signs of pain but she would fight hard to pretend to the society as if all was well in the family.

She was a strict believer of the adage ‘Chakafukidza dzimba matenga’ meaning that she would cover up family secrets. She always played a motherly role, the role of a unifier.Mai Tira was just a woman who was emotionally strong despite all the emotional trauma she was subjected to.

Tira could not believe his eyes. He had just woken up; it was on a Saturday morning in August 2013.Tira felt so troubled by his dad’s bashing of his mom during the previous Friday night – to that extent that he had suffered insomnia. As he dashed out of the house, he expected to greet his mom and get the usual motherly hug and the usual pat accompanied with the phrase.

‘All will be well my son’

Little did he knew he would never hear such words again.Mai Tira could not withstand it anymore.

A lifeless body was lying in front of their yard. Besides was a bottle of rat poison.

She had breathed her last!

There are times when emotions overcome and there are times when you think you are dreaming. There are times when you think someone would come and pinch you and you will come to the realisation that all was day dreaming. It was all a roller-coaster of emotions. Why Why Why Why Mother!!!!


Everything Changes……

I vividly remember how I used to traverse on the long road, passing through the valley, crossing rivers and climbing mountains on my way to your village. How we used to meet at our rendezvous. It was those moments. Moments, when you feel you are on top of the moon. Towards sunset, when the sun’s rays were cast upon the Muchena mountains.

You would grab the clay pot on the pretext of going to fetch water. Deep in your heart, you knew you would be going to meet the man of your dreams. We would meet at the village well. It was some moment of bliss. It was love and romance in the village. Kissing in the woods, not even having the slightest fear of being seen by the shepherds or the hunters.

By then you had a budding chest.You looked so beautiful, so innocent, cool and so decent. A true and real African woman in the making. During our conversations, you would prune all the tree leaves – you were very shy to the extend that you would hardly look into my eyes!

But now everything has changed. I am now a nobody in your life. We found love, and we lost it.Maybe you have found someone, someone better than me in many forms…But what keeps me going is the realisation that nothing last forever. Some people come in our lives for a reason, some we meet to part and some stay forever.You failed to stay forever – you just passed by my life. But today as I write I am wiser, everything in life changes.

Feelings come and go. They quickly vanish and evaporate in thin air. Of the things I am most fearful about is our separation. But if we are to separate, then let it be – but I have kept one of the letters you penned to me during those days. Days when mobile phones were not yet so common in our societies . I kept the letter, not because I like to – but I keep memories of how virtually everything has changed so abrupt in our lives…..