Zimbabwe Approaching a Moment of Reckoning

Indeed the moments of reckoning is before us. The unfolding of events at a breakneck speed attest to this claim. We have all been enjoying, lamenting and guessing on which trajectory Zimbabwe is adopting. In the political parties there has been an increase in ugly Intra party squabbles amongst the political elites. These deep cleavages have vindicated the public citizen’s long held claim that politics is all about power, and economic interests. In both Zanu pf and MDC we have seen open warfare and nasty infighting amongst the so called erstwhile comrades in Struggle. Wish the late eminent political guru Masipula Sithole was still around. Struggles within a Struggle are reigning supreme – let his dear soul rest in eternal peace.

Zimbabwe also continue to witness rising level of unemployment and this is in stark contrast to the ZANU PF July 2014 election promise of 2 million jobs. Recently, we heard Vice President Joyce Mujuru acknowledging that at least Zimassset needs 45 years in order for us to really realise its fruition. So in other words we are flogging a dead horse.

The Language of violence has also continued to marinate the public discourse. We have heard of those weevils that need to be gamatoxed. Succession politics has become a ticking time bomb in both parties. Factionalism and internal party infighting is rife. The media spaces has been awash with screaming headlines on party infighting especially within the revolutionary ruling party. Detrimentally, this has affected national policy (re)formulation and articulation. At least we have witnessed the toning down of the black empowerment and Indigenisation policies.

We have also heard the alluvial Diamond reserves are nearing depletion. That is if they are not yet depleted. The Gods Must Be Crazy! We hear the Chinese are complaining it now requires sophisticated machinery to exploit the remaining diamonds. It’s all akin to events in a soap opera. These are the challenges of our time. When everything just turns dramatic. Maybe the end is nigh…

We have also heard the EU ambassador to Zimbabwe controversially branding Zimbabwean NGOs as AGOs (Against Government Organisations). What might have charmed him to sing for the incumbent’s supper or it’s just a damasane moment for him. Is this the re- alignment of forces and actors? Maybe there was a use of some love potion (muti) to charm the other. Or the other was outfoxed. Surely, these are changing times. A time of reckoning is slowly approaching!

We now hear their PhDs (Doctor of Philosophy Degrees) are being questioned. They have increased taxes. We are also surprised hearing that the so called ‘international community’ that is even if it exists at all – pledged its willingness to work with a reformed Zanu pf. Weren’t these actors sworn enemies? How about the complete and sudden U – turn. There are no permanent friends, neither are there permanent enemies in politics but there are permanent interests for sure. It’s a matter of politics at play.

We hear there is now an Orange Party in the wings. It’s now all about oranges, orange juice. A fruit party it has been labelled. They purport to bring a new alternative form of politics by unlocking all those actors who are locked in undemocratic systems. They are building on the Coalition of the willing. As we struggle in unmasking Baba Jukwa, the liberation credentials of former revolutionary comrades has also been questioned and dismissed from within. Is it an erosion of discipline and obedience within the party?

All hullabaloo about obscene salaries has since escaped the public discourse. All is normal. After all we have our own lives. We have better things to think of. Our daily battles the erratic electricity supply, dry taps, transport blues and of course the new raft of tax increases. Of course not to mention the soaring unemployment and retrenchments.

These are hard times… The farming season is in the offing. At least we will have to seed hope. For It is hope that keeps us going as a nation. One day, I will get a job, one day I will buy a stand in the high density suburb, one day I will drive the second hand Japanese vehicle, one day I will be a better person…..One Day…Just another day, my country is approaching a moment of reckoning!!!


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