Eulogy to My Dad

A man who loved his bottle with a passion
Its only but mere memories now
You fought a long battle,
But, the Lord saw it fit
And decided that your time was up

You fought a good fight,

We only hope that your soul has found eternal peace
A man who believed in his ideas
A man who believed in doing things quicker and faster
A man who believed in sharing and giving
But when you passed on
Relatives and friends quickly forgot
Such is the naked cruel nature of life
They loved you
Not for whom you were
But they loved your money

When we least expected you would leave us
When we thought you were on the full road to recovery
But in you, you had already given up
You constantly appealed to God to rest your soul
For your flesh was in deep pain
For you were tired of being in and out of hospital
From West End clinic, Harare Hospital, Chitungwiza Hospital
Avenues Clinic,

You even doubted whether you were going to live
That day when you overhead the doctor
Disclosing to me that you had Cancer
That was the very day that caused anxiety and stress to you

Your health deteriorated further….

Days rushed past….
On that fateful day, the Lord chose to take you away
In that serene morning you left this dear world
You just slipped away without biding us farewell
It was on a Saturday morning of the 17th of May 2014
You had hopes of surviving

The last words before I left for the Airport, you told me ‘Remember to call when you arrive’
Little did I knew that was our last Goodbye
We all miss you
We think of you in silence
There are times we question why us
Why is there death
Go well….

And the painful words from your employer

I worked with him for 33 years as my manager and not on a single day did he come to me with a problem.
He would always solve things by himself
Your father always bragged about you two.

You really meant the world to him

He was a very wonderful man, with a strong character and he will be missed.

I am truly sorry for your loss’.

Indeed your untimely departure is a heavy burden to bear.
Through your death I have learnt who true friends are,
I have also learnt who true relatives are,
I have also learnt that we are now on our own

On that fateful day
In a crudely dug grave we buried you
On the 19th of May 2014
Under the trees at the foot of the mountain
In the remote rural area in Nyanga
In the midst of the chipping birds
Your lifeless body was lowered to the final resting place……

As tears ooze
As we felt like being choked
We derived consolation in the Lord

We also derived warmth in the multitude of crowd who travelled on bare foot
From long distances
From far away villages
Who came,
To celebrate your life and death with usDSCN0479
But life will never be the same again….

Its too hard to say Goodbye as we listen and play Westlife

Oliver Mtukudzi

Cynthia Mare


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