Not on a Valentine’s Day

The 14th of February each year brings an aura of love. Many lovebirds celebrate it in different style. Roses, lingerie, champagne, jazz outing, cakes, and romantic dinner for two, you name it. Bryn, also  happened to be an ardent believer in St Valentine. He chose to celebrate the 2014 valentine’s day differently, yet classy. It was 4 pm and everyone was driving home. He had just disembarked from the cross border bus, at the Road port Bus Terminus. How he disliked the bustle and hustle of the drive time.

No one was waiting for him on this fateful day. His wife wasn’t even expecting his arrival. In the previous night’s telephone conversation, Bryan had told Sibo.

‘Babe I am afraid, i will not make it for Valentine’s Day’, he said sounding a bit low.

She had responded

Please daddy, can’t you try to pace up shopping, just for the sake of us being together on Valentine’, please she begged him.

In the end Bryan assured his wife that he will make it up for her.

Bryan had gone to buy some second hand clothes in Maputo for re – sale at his wife’s flea – market in Mupedzanhamo. Since he was on a one month leave – he thought it wise to buy a few stuff so as to compliment his meagre salary as a civil servant. During all their 3 year marriage, he had never been so much involved in his wife’s business ventures. It’s only that he found it worthwhile to use his leave days to contribute in the success of his wife (Sibo’s) business enterprise.

After disembarking from the bus, Bryan chose to spend just three hours seated at the bus terminus. He felt so exhausted and what he deserved was some quiet moments – though it proved not to be so quiet at the bus terminus. He also felt uncomfortable with the traffic jam. At exactly 7 pm he arrived home.

As he opened the door, events came flashing like a bolt of lightning!

What captured his eye were the male shoes that where neatly placed by the door side. Then the squeaky sound, loosening of the bed springs and the feminine scream coming from their bedroom – concluded it all. He could hardly breathe – he felt choked.  The gyrating, sweating and the screams of joy made him feel sick. He had caught the pastor red-handed.  The image of the pastor in nudity (making love) like a bee collecting nectar from a fully blown rose made him develop a huge lump on his throat. To say he was shocked is an understatement – he only managed to freeze and sink to the ground. His legs could not withstand it. They felt heavy and powerless.

Sibo had chosen to celebrate 2014’s Valentine day in the pastor’s arms. To make it worse she had guts, to make love in their matrimonial bed.

As he regained his conscious Bryn remembered about all the newspaper headlines of pastors romping female congregates. He felt like vomiting. At least it should have occurred not on Valentine’s Day …..Thoughts rummaged through his mind.He thought maybe the he was dreaming,he thought maybe the Gods had become Crazy……But the rude reality and disgusting and repugnant smell of the two love cheats made him feel like suffocating. It was so sickening and nauseating. Moral decadence at its best. Erosion of trust that will never be re-gained once lost, all in a Valentine’s day. The irony of life!


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