Kingdom of Love

We always had shots for each other. What only kept us apart was the mere fact that, we were friends. We both dreaded to break our friendship. We both knew one stupid move about love would collapse our friendship.

It came a day in our lives.

Our eyes pierced straight into each other. Our noses connected automatically. Our lips as if not to be outdone were trembling. I could feel the outpouring instinctive drive to taste the glowing shiny lips. They were captivating and inviting. In me, they aroused the profound need and urge for the lip contact.

Then there was the feeling of the quickening of my pulse rate.I touched her hand gently. Our lips locked into each other. She looked so romantic with the bedroom eyes. Eventually she looked sleepy before she closed those cute eyes – the chemistry seemed to have taken a toll on her. I touched her light skinned thighs – they were like ‘Fanta’ (soda), so appetising and breath-taking! She showered me with passionate kisses. Kisses that leave you asking for more. A kiss that creates lasting thoughts.

Suddenly she shouted, ‘Gift please stop!’ for ‘Christ’s sake we are friends’, she yelled.

Words seemed to have escaped my mind.I only opened my mouth but words could not come out.

‘Mmmmmmmmmmm……’, I stammered.

Men you are like dogs – how could I even look at you’, she charged at me.

Oh! How come I could not even hear the alarm ringing, i had been imagining and dreaming…oh poor me! I realised I was somehow late. It was already 6 in the morning.

All these were fantasies of me and her in a Kingdom where the sun never set.


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