Everything Changes……

I vividly remember how I used to traverse on the long road, passing through the valley, crossing rivers and climbing mountains on my way to your village. How we used to meet at our rendezvous. It was those moments. Moments, when you feel you are on top of the moon. Towards sunset, when the sun’s rays were cast upon the Muchena mountains.

You would grab the clay pot on the pretext of going to fetch water. Deep in your heart, you knew you would be going to meet the man of your dreams. We would meet at the village well. It was some moment of bliss. It was love and romance in the village. Kissing in the woods, not even having the slightest fear of being seen by the shepherds or the hunters.

By then you had a budding chest.You looked so beautiful, so innocent, cool and so decent. A true and real African woman in the making. During our conversations, you would prune all the tree leaves – you were very shy to the extend that you would hardly look into my eyes!

But now everything has changed. I am now a nobody in your life. We found love, and we lost it.Maybe you have found someone, someone better than me in many forms…But what keeps me going is the realisation that nothing last forever. Some people come in our lives for a reason, some we meet to part and some stay forever.You failed to stay forever – you just passed by my life. But today as I write I am wiser, everything in life changes.

Feelings come and go. They quickly vanish and evaporate in thin air. Of the things I am most fearful about is our separation. But if we are to separate, then let it be – but I have kept one of the letters you penned to me during those days. Days when mobile phones were not yet so common in our societies . I kept the letter, not because I like to – but I keep memories of how virtually everything has changed so abrupt in our lives…..


3 thoughts on “Everything Changes……

  1. ….sad…life is like a river, you cant step in the same water twice…time flies, feelings change, people who were close to us vanish nd new ones come….i love the afrocentric touch in this story

  2. “During our conversations, you would prune all the tree leaves – you were very shy to the extend that you would hardly look into my eyes!” I love this image. I wonderful evocation of shyness.

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