The Phone Call

You wait and wait until waiting becomes part of your everyday life. It is like waiting for the second coming of Christ.You wait for a phone call – you will never receive.You only expect it will ring. But the stubborn reality knocks hard on your expectant soul. The phone never rings. Your circle of friends has also become smaller. They used to call you – but they have long abandoned calling you. You stare and gaze at your mobile.You just expect to hear that voice, and the Victorian title that always goes with such formal telephone calls

How are you Sir? We are calling you for an interview’.

But soon you realise you are leaving in Cuckoo land. This is only but the figment of your imagination. It is an undying and craving for that moment. A moment that never comes.You feel disillusioned, betrayed, hopeless and worthless.You see others driving early in the morning – driving to work.You see others clad in tie and suits – clutching briefcases and folders.You also imagine – one day under the sun, ‘It will be Me’.

Upon realising that it will take years to receive the phone call, you end up doing all the menial jobs.You end up going into the so called entrepreneurship. Not out of personal choices but just to keep yourself financially liquid.You end up selling airtime vouchers/credit for others to top up their mobile phones and for them to make phone calls.You stand by the roadside running to motorists with airtime credit.

They never know you are a holder of some prestigious academic qualifications. They view you as one of the school drop-outs or the ordinary level graduate. You are even ashamed of mentioning that you are a University graduate a holder of a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA). Kudos to Strive Masiyiwa  for creating such a huge employment for the thousands of youths through airtime selling.

You only wish one day, you will receive a phone call. A call that will change your life for the better.You try to drown yourself into faith and hope, yet time is moving at a breakneck speed.You had ambitions of starting a family – but without the phone call it’s all proving to be a big gamble. A gamble that you will not afford to attempt.You only wish in the best of times, in the fullness of time all shall be well.

It is a painful reality that you have to live with.You hold your mobile (NOKIA 3310) and you realise there is no missed call. But with this thing called hope, you still believe,
God’s time is the perfect time.


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