Hate Has No Cure

There are times when one wonders – where do broken hearts go? Are there spare parts for broken hearts? It is when one crave and long for the lost love. When, one’s mind goes in a full circle searching for those long gone nesting stories, the long waits of a lover, the good times and of course – the widening gulf between the ‘so called’ inseparable lovers.

When one’s mind dissect through the sands of time, the painful reality of lost love, love that was discovered, nurtured and lost – lost but never found. What’s left are only dreams, meandering thoughts, empty, vague and slippery memories.

When she says, ‘I just need a break’ or when he says ‘Let us just be friends’ it is only but a lighter way of expressing that your worlds are now worlds apart. When one echo the statement, ‘you are a nice person, but we can’t be together- I wish you well in your love life’, then you know the romance and love has gone. Machiavelli was right, in life there is a thin line between love and hate.

All love shifts and changes, feelings change, memories fade and love vanishes in thin air. Many have experienced heartaches – many have never moved ahead. Some have developed hate and some believe love is but a curse!‘Let us be friends, I wish you well’ – never believe them.

Listen to the late Sam Mtukudzi

Listen To Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner



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