Why I find it Difficult to listen and believe politicians

Why I find it HARD and DIFFICULT to believe them

Lying is part of their occupational induction

It is in their DNA system

When they fall sick they fly to developing and developed countries  South Africa is their first port of call.

Some even consider flying to the East Asian countries, Malaysia and Singapore ad infinite

This is the norm rather than the exception with most political leaders across Sub-Saharan Africa.

When you fall sick you die in your poor hut or in a remote rural clinic or in an urban referral hospital with no drugs – thanks to the abundance of pain killers and paracet that never run out of supply.

They give you food hand-outs in the run up to elections. But after elections the reality crystallises and strikes you like a bolt of lightning!They dish out housing stands in the pre – election era – they destroy those houses (they say they are regularising and demolishing ‘illegal structures’. They never stop to amaze me, they ‘illegalise’ what they would have ‘legalised’. Such a tragedy – save us the bureaucracy, internal ‘politics’ of administration and the flowery semantics about legality and illegality within the (regularise– who cares what it means).

They tell you to watch the Dead national Television – yet their mansions conspicuously stand unique with the large-sized DSTV satellite dishes. You watch 100% local content – they watch the global breaking news.They slash and write off residents electricity bills when elections are near – they don’t address the viability challenges facing the power company. Afterwards the citizens are induced to more power cuts. Electricity supply remains epileptic.

Oftentimes we hear them saying ‘our local universities are the best’ – and ironically and painfully you never find their children in such local universities. You only find them in foreign universities, South Africa, of late in countries like Australia and now in the far East. The poor you are on your Own – Steve ‘Bantu’ Biko was right.

They promised 2 265 million jobs  over the next five years – yet statistics from the labour union show that, rather 300 people are losing their jobs weekly. They tell you ZIMASSET is a Godsend policy document – never mind the contents! But the poor are tired of hearing such loud-sounding nothings – they said the same with other previous policy documents (STERP) may quickly come to mind.

They tell you there is a lot of investment – when the reality on the ground points to the fact there is disinvestment. You then tend to wonder the Gods Must be Crazy! They preach against Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) they talk about de-linking with Bretton Woods Institutions arguing that such institutions perpetuate a continued stranglehold on African economies. Thus perpetuating neo-colonialism. The next morning you find them with a begging bowl – literally kneeling down to beg the IMF  and World Bank for bailouts.

You hear them refuting claims that diamond revenue is not flowing into the treasury – the next morning you see them making a somersault (noting that the treasury is receiving very little amounts of diamond revenue). Who to believe now? You hear them saying we hate foreign powers since they will meddle in our internal affairs – thus meddling in our sovereignty. Yet we see the same politicians arguing for the continued use of the currency of other sovereign countries (US dollar and the South African Rand). So who is fooling who? Isn’t this equal to the usurpation of economic sovereignty?.

We read latest reports such as, Troubled Water in HRE.pdf indicating that the urban poor have succumbed to diarrhoea and other water-borne related deaths. Yet the filthy rich politicians have boreholes and they drink bottled water! Most of the African countries (Zimbabwe) sadly rank low in the recently published report on the 2013 Corruption Index Perceptions.

That’s Africa for us. They call it Africa – we call it home. They call them politicians – we call them hypocrites. After all politics have become a career and a source of livelihood.

Chinua Achebe was right when he rightly pointed out such contrast in A Man of the People. Let his soul rest in Eternal Peace. May his dear soul find serenity in the silence of Death?


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