Global Tax Justice Movement – Everyone’s Child

Is the world just or unjust, is there fairness or unfairness in a society? These are nagging questions, with no easy answers. Who controls the tax we pay? Who determines the percentage of tax that we pay? Are the citizens or the Wananchi as they call them in Swahili able to hold accountable their governments over tax revenue? Who should pay tax, what amount, when, why and how? Who should be exempted? Anyway is it an obligation of the citizens to pay tax, either is it an obligation of the corporate world to pay tax? It might have been your child who is playing in/with the uncollected garbage. It might have been your mom who is on the deathbed whilst you are being told the hospital has run out of drugs. It might be you or me who is dying from HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria – whilst the bigger MNCs are building Jacuzzis and opening banks worldwide. It might be your grandmother who is sleeping in the cold and open streets of Mumbai and Soweto.

She is an innocent soul who dreams to have a roof over her head. Think about the orphans and vulnerable children who will never have the privilege and right to see the corridors of a classroom block. It might be my children or yours. It might be the children of our children’s children, who might never drink clean and safe water in their lifetime.

Tax dodging and tax evasion can only occur when governments value profits over people – when big Multi-National Corporations tends a blind eye over the society in which they are milking the precious resources. Let’s all do our part. Unless we take action – History and conscience will judge us harshly. In the end, we will remember not the tax evasion by the MNCs but the silence of our people….

It’s now or never!! It is Time to Take Action…This is a Call to Every Men – A Call to Everywoman. One by One we will Change This World. Teach me teach One!!!


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