Journey to Chegutu

On a lazy Sunday morning I decided to take a bus to Chegutu to see a friend. I took with me the novel Othello by Shakespeare. In the bus I sat next to her. She was gorgeous, cute and curvy, to sum it all – she was an eye candy. She glanced at me and I suddenly started to feel shy. She was chewing a bubblegum. I purposively chose to sit next to her for the reasons best known to my heart. I attempted to greet her, but it seemed as if my lips could not move. I was tongue tied.

She glanced at me from head to toe. Suddenly I saw her tucking ear phones in her ears. I tried to summon courage to let my feelings known to her. But, the more I tried the more I was gripped and arrested with fear. My heart skipped and started pumping faster and harder. But I still believed I will manage to throw an ice-breaker. As the engine roared into life we left Mbare Bus Terminus heading towards Chegutu. As I tried to gather courage I could feel butterflies in my stomach. I developed jelly legs.

I then decided I would tell her about my feelings when the bus would have arrived at the National Sports stadium –which is a distance of approximately 10 kms from Mbare Bus terminus. We passed through the National Sports stadium and no word could come out of my lips. I started calculating distance. I told myself I will talk to her when we reach Norton. The bus pulled to a halt in Norton and still nothing had been said.

I then calculated some distance and I thought I will gather courage when the bus reaches Selous. But, sooner than later we arrived in Selous and still the chemistry did not occur. I then started flipping through the pages of my novel – not that I was in a reading mood. In my mind i thought she would ask ‘Who are your favourite authors’, she never did. I wasn’t a fan of literature or novels – but I had realised most ladies like guys who read. So I wanted to seem classy, smart, intelligent and well-read. I wanted to appear as one of the dude from the upmarket. But all was in vain. The chemistry could not happen, all I lacked were the guts.

Eventually the bus arrived in Chegutu and as we were disembarking I said to her. ‘Goodbye and safe journey!’ Poor me!! How could I simply bid someone farewell whom I failed to talk to all the way from Mbare Bus Terminus? It was the fear in me. As I lay in my bed I am trying to read How to Approach a Woman: A Beginner’s Guide.


10 thoughts on “Journey to Chegutu

  1. It’s unbelievable. I know Gift can’t fail to gather courage just to talk to a pretty lady! If so, you are becoming a poor courting guy. I know u have skills. Better shelve that self help book “daring” 101. It won’t help. Just be yourself. Don’t care much about what she’ll say.

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