Gone but Not Forgotten

I sit on my chair typing some document on social justice and human rights struggles on my laptop. I walk to the refrigerator I feel thirst, I hope to find some juice or the common Coca-Cola but I realise my refrigerator has been empty for days. Only what I can find is the water bottles not the purified mineral water but boiled tap water. I stroll back to my sitting room; I start to play Lucky Dube’s music. I am now seeking solace and inspiration. The music reaches to the core and marrow of my soul. It is the kind of music that resonates with every generation, the women, youth, the old and the downtrodden.

The music stops, yet I can still feel the background music, the lyrics and the instruments ringing in my ears. Lucky Dube’s soft voice of reason speaks to my mind. It is a voice that questions, encourages and challenge you to stand up for a better society. But before I could search my playlist for some more Lucky Dube that’s when I realise the soft-spoken and talented singer is gone. The cruel hand of death took him from this mother earth in such a callousness way. Although he is gone, he is not forgotten. He did his part; he changed lives and inspired many souls. With his music one can afford to smile, cry and get into an ecstatic mood – all at the same time. It is a type of music genre that can take you places. After listening to his music you will be touched. If you are not touched you will never be touched at all.Lucky Dube sang unsparingly on thematic issues that include but are not limited to social justice issues, love, domestic violence, death, pain, religion, humanity, human rights, and freedom, women and peace issues.

We lost a legendary music icon,whose music continues to inspire and change lives.Nonetheless,Lucky is gone but not forgotten.The music,lyrics,message and the sound is still with us.

Happy Listening……


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