When a Woman Loves

It was already midnight and she could not get sleep. She was wearing a night gown that was so tight fitting.It shaped her curvaceous body.

Inside the gown she was wearing a body top with a lettering PISCES inscribed across it.

The loosening sound of the springs of the bed could be heard. As she stared at the wall clock, she realised, the clock was striking fifteen minutes towards midnite.Nana had been in bed, but for all the 7 hours she had been lying in bed, she was literally awake.

She was suffering from a stubborn insomnia.

Nana could feel the cold emptiness of their matrimonial bed. Her mind was miles away. Her thoughts rushed back to the days she had met Sam, how he had proposed, and their blissful love life and of course their colourful wedding. She was trying so painfully to recreate those bygone good days. The days when she would develop goosebumps at the sight of Sam. Her heart would skip and she REMEMBERED the stolen glances. All what was left now, were memories. She traced all those good memories with nostalgia. As much as she tried to re-imagine the good olden days, the more she felt tears flooding her eyes.

Loneliness was eating her to bits. Holding a pillow to her budding chest, spending a night awake, Nana wondered whether such long lonely nights will ever come to an end. She wondered how long she would have to endure such ‘hell like’ kind of a marriage life. On a day like this, Nana had mixed feelings. It was one of the days, when she was longing and craving for a romantic treat. She wanted a masculine touch. And the anticipated treat never came. All what was in her thoughts were thoughts about Sam, her hubby. A husband who was never there for her in times of need.

Nana went on to switch the television. She deliberately turned on to the Emmanuel T.V channel. In times like these, she definitely needed to watch such a station. She was undergoing some tough times that require some divine intervention. As years passed by, a creeping claustrophobia took hold of her. She felt confined,enclosed, deserted and lonely.  In the two years they had been married, their marriage had started to show some cracks. The more she tried to make things work in their marriage, the more she felt she was losing Sam.It was until when she heard a knock on the door, that’s when she realised the television was still on, and nobody was really watching. Her mind was somewhere else. As she opened the door for her husband, she tried to conceal the anger and pain in her.

She attempted a fake smile, which never came!. Sam was dead drunk, he was holding a bottle of Amstel beer in one hand and he could hardly stand. She helped Sam to find her way to the bedroom.

She wanted to vent her anger at him, she wanted to be touched, and she wanted to be kissed like any other woman who waits patiently to kiss the lips of her hubby gently at bedtime. She wanted to be treated like a woman.

In no time, Sam was in a deep slumber, he was snoring hard. Nana was overpowered by tears, she cried until her pillow was soaked in tears…As she tried to pack her bag, she thought about their courtship days…..Those good memories made it difficult for her to make a decision. She went to the walls and pulled down a portrait. It was a portrait on their first anniversary. It brought fresh memories of happier times, before the bottle took her Sam away from her…. It was a tough decision to make, but a decision had to be made…

When a woman loves, she loves with her whole heart, soul and mind…



3 thoughts on “When a Woman Loves

  1. that was an unexpected twist! a realistic portrayal of some women’s pain in such relationships. what amazes me most is how this can be written by a man.. looking forward to what will happen next after she left… 🙂

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