The Machines Coming

We heard the loud sounds of the machines

With a cup of ill-cooked porridge

She dashed out of the plastic shack

She looked in all corners

Little did she knew,

The days of happiness were over

Little did she knew, she would wake up, with no roof,

Over her head,

She stood there,

Like a statue

Froze to the ground

She was staring helplessly at the debris,


The remains of what used to be home,

All was now in ruins,

She hears the distant sounds of the moving machines,

She sees the caterpillar moving to descent to the next innocent victims,

All she tries to do, is shout the word ‘My God!’


Her voice fails her,

She can only move her lips,

Words cannot come,

It only happens,

 In a country,

A country were the King cleans the street for the Queen

At the expense of the roof of the innocent,

Homeless kids and women

A country with inconsistent housing policies

Zimbabwean police are under orders to destroy \



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