The Africa we Have-The Africa we Dream Of


Why are some nations rich? Why is Africa poor? What is our problem? Where do we find a solution? Why are our people poor? Is there equality? Is there justice? Is there fairness? Are the judges fair and just? Why are African politicians rich? Why are the masses poor? Why are we dying of Hunger, malnutrition and cholera in Africa? Are we cursed? Why are we suffering from cholera?  Is it that our health facilities are so backward? Why are we dying of HIV/AIDS at such an alarming rate? Are we so addicted to sex life?

Why are we still fighting after years of decolonization? Why do we fight amongst ourselves? Are we civilized or not? Why do we need soldiers in our nations? Are we truthful about one another? Where is the tax payers’ money going? Why do leaders live in state of the art mansions, whilst others sleep in shacks?

Why do we have rebels? Who is buying ammunition? Who is funding them? Were do we get the money to buy ammunitions? Who is benefiting from our mineral wealth? Do we exist as an African Nation? Who is responsible for our suffering? Is it the whites or the IMF and World Bank? Are we corrupt? Why do we go for elections?

Why are we always fighting? Why are we so particular about ethnicity and religion?  Why do we sponsor political violence? Why do our leaders need to be heavily guarded? What do they fear? Why do we buy votes? Why are we sliding back into dictatorship and anarchy? Why do we stay in power for longer periods? Why is there so much suffering in Africa? Why do some people seem to suffer more than others?

Can the will of a people overcome great injustice? Does voting mean something in Africa? Who decides the winner in African elections? Is it the voters or those who count? Why do we fear change? Are our leaders the ‘men of the people’? Why do soldiers beat, intimidate and rape innocent civilians?  Why do we fear criticizing our leaders?

Who is stealing our resources? Can we believe our politicians? Do they tell the truth? Why do we need aid? Do we need reconciliation? Why did we go to war? Are we enjoying the fruits of our independence? Why are Chinese nationals invading our beloved Mother Africa? How long did the euphoria of independence last? Did independence bring change, democracy and rule of law? Is it better to be governed well by others? Or is it better to misgovern ourselves? Why do we write constitutions? Why do we fail to follow these constitutions?  Why do we change these constitutions to fit us?

How long shall we remain beggars? For how long shall politicians continue to promise us heaven on earth? Why are we so corrupt? Why are we so pre-occupied with God father-ism,neo-clientilism,patrimonialism? Why are we greedy? Are we free? Do we have freedom? Are we liberated?

What is the future of our children? Are we developing or under-developing? Do we have a Future? Who is in control in Africa? Army Generals or Civilian leaders? How will our leaders become democratic? Is democracy un-African? Why do we have one-party dominance in Africa? Do we have a Vision? Is Africa on the Rise? Or is Africa on the Decline? How Long shall we blame others for our problems? Do they mean it,when they say Never Again to xenophobia, genocide, coups, tribalism, internal strife, internecine wars, uprisings and apartheid? Why are they fighting in DRC? Why in Mali? WHY are we power hungry?

Arise Africa! Simuka Afrika! Stand Up Afrika!! Africa Coming!!!!!!!!!!

 African nations, came, saw and squandered. African nations began with hope, fell in chaos and staggered into dependency.

Now is the time to create a society commensurate to the ideals which the people fought for and for which so many died. No one will hand us the destiny we like! No one will carry us to the future that our bones and our history crave for. We must do it ourselves. Steve Biko


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