Unending Love

Every morning he could go to the river. He wanted to re-create and memorialize the life and death of his only son! His son was taken by the mermaids at the age of 7. Sam had drowned to death. His dad had painful memories of the river. Same spot, same time, he could go down to the stream early in the morning. Hoping to see his son lying in the sand by the river side. He imagined seeing his son, wearing a broad smile in his birthday suit shouting, ‘Daddy, look, I am now a good swimmer’. He always thought he was day dreaming. He had a deeper conviction that his son was still alive. He would go and type Sam’s name in sand. Unfortunately, each time the waves came, all his writings would be blown away. The next morning he would still go to the River!!. Since the death of his only son, he was never his own self. The death traumatized him to the core and marrow of his soul. But, the more he visited the river the more he became traumatized.



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