The Power of Goodbye

The atmosphere was so tense. The air was hard and thick, making it somehow difficult to breath. It was a moment of bidding farewell. We both shared a similar history. We had all been hurt and heartbroken in our previous relationships. We had made a conscious, yet collective decision to make this relationship work. I turned my back, moving away. I tried to smile, but I could not. She grabbed my hand tightly. She was squeezing my palm gently. I knew she was trying to communicate some message ‘Don’t Leave’. I could feel the feminine touch. She could not let go. She was breathing heavily; I tried to look straight into her glowing eyes. I failed. The more I tried, the more I felt tears streaming down the contours of my cheeks. I opened my mouth. Words could not come! She tried to hug me, I avoided her hug. I knew it would make me change my mind.

We only managed to stare at each other in silence. In the deafening silence we dissected through the ups and downs of our relationship. In that silence we listened to our heartbeats. That was the only communication we had. ‘ALL PASSENGERS ON BOARD’, check in time was up. She started crying. She expected me to wipe her tears or offer her my handkerchief. Of which I did not. I can still feel the cold emptiness of her heart, soul and mind. I also feel the yearning and emptiness within her soul. Her partying words ‘Will you remember me Gift?’ still echoes in my mind.


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