When Love Kills



Roy was a very quite, punctual and handsome young man.He was more interested in his studies and in sports than in ladies. Some said Roy was that type of a child who was focused in his life. He had a self-drive, zeal and enthusiasm to realise his ultimate goal of becoming an Engineer. Engineering was a profession that he loved so dearly. Such a passion ignited his zeal to diligently concentrate with his books and not the female specie. Roy was a serious young man who brooked no nonsense. But he had another good side of him. The other version of him.  He was cool and friendly but a bit reserved. Roy could not even pay attention to the puerile giggles of the young girls at College.

Samantha had shown interest in him, but she eventually gave up the chase. So was Charlotte who also chased after Roy, but all these advances failed to lure Roy. All the potential admirers dismally failed to win his heart. Some say love is a problem when it comes later in life. This saying has some grains of truth when it comes to Roy’s love life. As months and years raced against each other Roy was starting to develop a liking for the female specie. It was one sunny afternoon that his eyes met with Miriam’s eyes. She was sitted at the opposite end of the Restaurant, she was finishing her meal at the Campus Restaurant. It was love at first sight. From the eye contact, the chemistry was made easier. The Rest is History. Roy and Miriam fell deeply in love. Roy was head over heels, he was truly drowning in the pool of love. In Miriam’s words she kept on saying good things about Roy,


 “The way he laughs makes me smile, and the way he talks gives me butterflies and just everything about him makes me happy… I love him


For real love was in the air. Things changed when Miriam started dating another guy from a sister University. It was on Sunday 27 April 2011 in the afternoon when Roy knocked on Miriam’s hostel. He was greeted by the other boyfriend who opened the door for him. Roy just pushed his way through, Gosh!! there was his Miriam half-naked lying on the bed, holding a pillow covering her face. Roy stood speechless for a minute before dashing out of the room without uttering any word. He could not stomach seeing Miriam semi- nude enjoying the comfort of another man.

His lifeless body was swerving sideways. His eyes were wide open, the shoe lashes were tightly tied. Miriam rushed at the scene were a swarm of other students were already gathered. Some were crying loudly, some with tears silently cascading down the contours of their faces. She was numb and she nearly froze to the ground. She broke down weeping. The police came and placed Roy’s corpse in their police van. They only discovered in Roy’s pockets a short note addressed to Miriam.



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