The Tragedy of Our Times…

For they all drink
Bottled water
For it is pure
And they all like…
The fruit juice
For it oils their veins
For it makes their meetings lively
In their tables they drink
They talk business
The business how they will govern us

For our fate is decided over orange crush
They talk over the fate of the poor
Thy drink what the poor can never afford to drink
S/he can never afford the fruit juice
But she produces the oranges
But her fate is decided over oranges
After drinking the juice
They never take action

Next time they call for another talk show
They drink again
On their table is bottled water
But in your village you drink from the well
It is a well were frogs and snails swim and bath
And over mineral water they discuss your fate
You only crave and envy their drinking habits
For your mouth is sour and dry
One day you shall also drink the Orange crush?
What a nation?

It is run over Mineral Water and Orange crush,
Coffee breaks,
Buffet lunch,
When they are not in the hotels,
They will be in the state of the art offices
Designing policies
Afterwards, they will sit on the high table
Drinking Mineral Water and Orange crush
What a Nation


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