Hello Democracy

By 1789 great men in history
Idealized great imaginations
To set up
Not only setting,
But crafting and carving
Fundamentals upon which
Humanity, conscience, liberty springs
In the galleries of human kind

Hats off to Rousseau, Montesquieu
Being the messiahs
Then some being the disciples
Today we have to go back
Back not in a memory lane
But back to their lives
The epitaphs on their graves
There lie great men

As of now we can afford to abuse and misuse
For what they sat
The train they sat in motion
Has been derailed
The tenets they fought for
Have been prostituted,
Plundered, abused and scorned at…,

By the beholder
Chirambakusakara has divorced himself with them
Mr. White has also felt left out
In the race to be outdone
You have all emerged victors
In abusing democracy,
You justify your actions,
You say democracy is only but,
A promiscuous mistress?

As of now-when shall we say hello democracy?
A day when one fears not
A faint knock on the door after dusk
In a world where there will be more weddings than funerals
You taught us to fear even killing a fly
But your disciples kill even elephants
The say you are a promiscuous mistress
When shall we shake hands?
And greet you

With a feigned smile on our faces
But, it is only a day amongst the days
That it will not be long
Before you pay us a visit
Together we will weep
Weeping and mourning,

Mourning the death of your tenets
For it is a great stab in our back
A torture in the psyche of us
Before we give you a big hug
And a pat on the back
Our hands we will stretch to you
Maybe you will give a lifeless handshake in return
Hello Democracy.


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