The Cruel Hand of Death…

I hear your cries,

I see you mourning,

I see your sorrowful face,

I see your suffering heart,

I suffer with you,

I see you in agony,

I agonize with you,

As you shed tears,

Tear drops also slip from the corner of my eye,

I also shed a tear,


I cry with you,

Each time I hear about death,

Part of me dies,

I feel for you,

In your time of grief and bereavement,


For when death visits us,

It shatters our hearts,

Our minds remain troubled,

As we struggle to,

Recreate our loved ones,

We imagine their smiles,

Jokes, we mimic their talking,

We try to capture,


Their faces,but often

We fail……


Like blossoming flowers,

We feel their lives were pluck too soon,

We all wish they had stayed,

We all wish we had spoken to them,

Before they unceremoniously left us,

In the end, we all hope,

They will find serenity in the silence of death,


For our tears will never and will not,

Bring them back,

We will have heart aches,

We will have fond memories,

We will grieve forever,

But we will never see them again,

Life will never be the same again,

It is the cruel hand of death,

That makes us temporary residents,

On this Mother Earth….


The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death.”  J.K Rowling




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