Deed of Evil

If it was that,
That, which was done
I say it is the deed of evil
And, me, I, you, all wrangling with evil
Calls for dangling with the axe

If it was done.
I see your agonized face
Gazing slowly as the death pangs
Silhoutelly stands watching
Not onlywatching but smiling too,
The blade is shining in your binoculars,
In your stomach,
The rumbling is unbearable,
I can hear butterflies,

If it was that which was done…
I say it was done without vision, humanity
Then your head shall pay the price
Sickening, pathetic it was done
The deed of evil it is!
For one had dangled a carrot
Little did one knew
It was a poisoned carrot indeed

Sooner it shall be good morning Mr. Guillotine
If it was the crime that you committed
Forever the memories of the deed of evil
Shall remain stuck and imprinted….
In your coconut
It is the price….
That price that one has to pay
For you dangle with evil
You will die in evil…
Only but one day…
You shall pay for your deeds…


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