A Conversation with the Departed Heroes

I cannot sleep
I just cannot sleep
I am failing to get sleep
I am seeing their sad faces
I am dreaming about them
They are asking me
Why, why, but why
Why Africa?
Amongst other Continents?
Why us?

They are interrogating me on why,
Did I allow politicians?
To plunder and rape our god given Africa
I can see the pain in their
Sadfaces. These are the sad faces of our fore fathers
Our true
Heroes and heroines
Kwame Nkrumah
Josiah Tongogara
Joshua Nkomo
Oliver Tambo
Patrice Lumumba
Samora Machel
John Garang
Steve Biko
Walter Sisulu
Oh! The list is endless

They are asking me
Why is it that corruption?
Has become the norm
Rather than the exception
Why xenophobia
Why the political violence
Why the crisis in Mali, Ivory Coast, Zimbabwe, Somalia,
Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda
Why genocide
Why the Marikana shootings?
Why is our politics so violent?


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