Paying Back

There is an African adage which says “what forgets is the axe and not the (stumb/tree) that has been cut”. Nigel was quick to forget that he had pained Prim to the core and marrow of her heart. They had been in love for 3(three) solid years. All was bliss and rosy up until when Nigel abruptly decided to end their relationship. It was a time of partying ways. It was all good whilst it lasted. It was not the break up that pained Prim the most, but it was the way how they broke. Nigel had started calling Prim’s family in names. He named them ‘parasites’ who were burnt on sucking his money. A word spoken is like a stone thrown, you can’t hold it back once it’s spoken. They say harsh words do not break bones but they do break hearts.

If it was for words only, it could have been better. Nigel went on to set some hooligans on Prim citing that she was nagging him. So absurd! Yesterday they were lovers now they are enemies .Life is like a see-saw. Finally Prim had to let go. Even Nigel’s friends strongly rebuked and condoned such behavior. For in love, some meet and marry and many times some meet and break. Such is life. Nigel should have just remembered that they were not meant to be together, but with life you never know what tomorrow holds. They were not destined to be together. Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak, sometimes it means that you are strong enough to let go. Prim was indeed strong to let go.

In spite of such a treatment she tried to pretend to smile and make him think she was happy, she always tried to laugh so as to avoid people seeing her crying. She managed to let him go. In her inner self she deeply believed in the assertion that says relationships are like glass, sometimes it’s better to leave them broken than try to hurt yourself putting it back together. But in her entire life, she knew one day she would pay back. For Nigel had hurt her deeply. Prim started to become more prayerful and started hating the male specie. She just saw every men as having the potential to hurt.

Slowly and gradually her feelings for men were dying. The hope of starting all over again was now very slim. She felt so used and worthless. In life no matter who broke your heart, or how long it takes to heal, you’ll never get through it without your friends. Such amazing friends were always there for Prim. Eventually she seemed as if she had forgotten everything that had happened between her and Nigel. Nigel was now history.

Nigel’s team was playing in the World Cup Qualifiers in Greece. Prim was now a Sports Reporter with a global news agency. Her job involved a lot of travelling; it took her to various places world over. Whether you may call it coincidence or fate, they eventually met in the Aristotle hotel with Nigel her ex-boyfriend.

On the first glance, Nigel could not know whether to greet her or not. Finally, he summoned the courage as a man. “Hie Prim, how have you been”, he said stretching his hand for a handshake. As if nothing had ever happened between them Prim responded with that charming and contagious smile of hers. “Indeed, it has been long, this world is so small”, she said. Prim was a woman of expensive taste. She was wearing an expensive perfume, one could pick from its flagrance. It scented and filled the nostrils of Nigel in a few seconds. She was curvy, with tall beautiful legs, she had an appetizing chest with protruding breasts. Pedicure and manicure was all in place. She was an eye candy to say the least. They talked and laughed at length, they barely talked about everything, their new professions, family, sports etc. Prim then managed to convince Nigel to sneak from camp and have some quality time with her. They went to a nearby night club before heading for Prim’s hotel room.

All what they had were good times. They made love reminiscing their hottest days of their lost love. The next morning, the newspaper headline read TEAM CAPTAIN CAUGHT WITH PANTS DOWN. On the top of the page were Nigel’s pictures one holding the buttocks of a lady in a night club and another with a lady lying on the bed, but the lady’s face was covered. Her identity could not be recognized. Prim was nowhere to be seen. Nigel’s personality was soiled, her image had been damaged. WHO DID THIS TO HIM? It was a time of PAYING BACK. Do unto others what you expect them to do unto you!







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