The Wedding Present

They were immaculately dressed, their hearts and minds were filled with joy. Brenda Fassie’s song entitled the Wedding Day could be heard playing from the car radio in the expensive hired limousine. The two love birds were walking side by side, hand in hand as they strolled down the church hall towards the altar. The pastor was holding the Holy Book in his hands. The bridal team not to be outdone was clad in beautiful, expensive and colourful outfits. The groom Lisa was clad in a milky white beautiful wedding gown which matched well with the lipstick and smile that she was wearing on this eventful day.But,behind that smile I knew Lisa was not all that happy at all. The smile was only but a feigned (fake) plastic smile. Deep down in her heart she could not feel for the man she was making vows with, in her mind, she was trying to imagine a new life with the groom and she could for see an unhappy bride in herself. Her heart was torn apart. Lisa was wedding Brian whilst her heart was still with Craig. As she followed through the Pastor’s words…

  ‘I Lisa Heritage, do take Brian Msasa as my husband, in death and in sickness, for richer for poor, till death do us part’ she was mumbling.

She could hardly follow the lines. Her mind was miles away. Will Craig come to the wedding? How about if Craig just pops up and says she is my fiancée? Will I stomach the embarrassment? All these imaginations and thoughts came to Lisa’s mind. Whilst dressing up for the wedding, she had texted an sms ‘pliz Craig don’t come for the wedding, I will cry and maybe cancel the wedding, I can’t imagine seeing you’. If Lisa had not fallen pregnant she would have wedded Craig her long time and childhood lover. But now it is the other way round. It is not Craig who is clad in a white suit and holding flowers but it is Brian who is wedding Lisa. Craig was sitted amidst the cheering, dancing, clapping and ululating crowd. The church service is over and everyone is now gathered at the Reception. In his hand Craig is holding a book entitled 40 Tips of Enjoying Your Marriage. He had carefully chosen this book from the Innov 8 bookshop. Not that it was cheaper and not that it was the best-seller. Craig had picked this book from the shelf because of its catchy and apt title. Secondly, and more importantly he chose such a present not out of bitterness but out of true gratitude for the time shared. All what he wished for Lisa, was a happy marriage full of bliss. He wanted her to forget about their past, sad or happier times. For all was now water under the bridge. All what Craig wished for was for Lisa to concentrate on building her marriage with her newly wed hubby.The present was a gesture made out of goodwill. Although, the book would constantly remind Lisa about Craig, he knew that as she would read through the pages every night, she would emerge a better woman in marriage. It was a present that would bring painful and fond memories at the same time help her to move on as she journeyed through her marriage life. Deep down in his heart, he had forgiven Lisa.All what had transpired was now history that lied in the distant past. It was in indeed a closed chapter. For Craig, was a victim of love. But for how long would he lick and nurse the wounds of love. As their eyes locked into each other across the hundreds of other eyes present at the gathering, Craig came to a true realisation that Lisa was gone and taken for good. The diamond ring was sparklingly shining in Lisa’s finger. Craig believed in the saying which goes ‘What men has done, men can undo, but what God has done no men can undo’. The wedding of Lisa and Brain was to him God’s plan. That night as the wedding couple was packing to go for their honeymoon in the Caribbean Islands. Lisa went to the wash room and rang Craig. She was sobbing and she was just stammering ‘YO…yo..yo Present…I felt so touched Craig, why do you wish me happiness in Marriage, all I needed in my life was YOU Craig…she could hardly finish the lines as she broke down crying. How life can be unfair, when we marry the ones we don’t love, when we give presents that reminds our old lovers about us. When they shed tears because of our presents.When presents should have made them cry with tears of joy.They shed tears of pain. The irony of life and love.


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