A Night Spent at Londoners


They call the place Londeners.Its a drinking place where they drink until they could swim back home like fish. Elegantly dressed ladies with milky chocolate thighs are a frequent crowd at this hide out. Some are usually spotted wearing short and captivating mini-skirts, only short to cover the essential parts whilst still arresting the imagination of the naked eye. To sum it all they are an eye candy. That is Londoners for you!! After having been away, out of the country for some time, Jimmy my best friend suggested that we should do a catch up on everything. An idea which I baited for. In the recent years I had been away searching for greener pastures in the so called land of honey and milk.

Paradoxically, the pastures proved not to be greener. I now believe the saying which goes “the grass is greener to those who are not there”. In my beloved country many many things had changed, some changing for the better but most things changed for the worst. This is so since my country has been undergoing an economic and political upheaval with the economy being virtually ‘dead’ to say the least. Potholes were now a common feature. So were burst sewer pipes. Electricity was always unavailable. Water supply was erratic and in short supply. Coupled with such, my dear country succumbed to a cholera outbreak.  These are totally two worlds apart, I said to myself. The architecture and nice buildings in Arizona Phoenix were so totally different from our so called Sunshine City. The city was no longer shining, neither was it sunny as it used to be. Everything was so dull and cold. Our hearts were shattered to hear of our country being plagued by a cholera outbreak in this 21st century. In a century when we thought that we had made advancement in the right to water and in striving towards a society that could live in an improved clean and health environment.

As I dropped at the Harare International Airport, I had to wait for Jimmy for some more 20-30 minutes to be precise. I went to the restaurant to buy Mineral Water but I was told it wasn’t available. I was slowly becoming impatient and restless when Jimmy finally showed up in his Toyota Navara.Whilst he was loading my suitcase into the car, he told me about his errands from one Filling Station to another, searching for fuel. Fuel was now a scarce commodity. Poor us! Luckily I didn’t experience jet leg. I am sipping my green bottle of Bohlingers.The resident DJ is playing one of my favorite songs entitled One More Time’-Busy Signal. One after the other he is belting nice and classic music. In a minute I see Jimmy staggering to the dance floor. On the other hand, he was holding a can of Zambezi beer. I could not resist joining him, when the DJ played a song by James BluntYou’re Beautiful”. Women of all shapes and sizes were seductively but accordingly dancing to the music. Some were shaking their backs like nobody’s business, so was their waist.Suddenly,a curvy and heavily built lad whispered in my ears.

  “You are wearing my favorite labels” she said with a warm but inviting smile.

“Thanks”, I replied. She must have been drinking Hunters Dry, I picked from her breath.

“Do you mind filling in my bottle”, she requested pointing to the bottle which almost half-empty.

Why Not? I replied, placing a USD 5 in her palm. I realized that she was nearly naked as she angelically cat-walked to the counter to place her order. We started talking about different stories, for she seemed at ease. She had found a catch for the Night.Coincedentally, upon sharing   stories she told me her name etc. OH! Poor Lina. A Bachelor of Commerce Graduate. I remembered the days when she was the talk of College/university because of her beauty. By then I used to love her but could fail to summon the courage of speaking my mind and feelings. We ended up being colleagues. How time fly. How fast she had changed. “Are you married Gift”, she said hugging me tightly to her chest. I could feel the prick of her breasts.

“Why on earth will I remain a bachelor”, I laughed. “For some of us we failed to meet Mr Right, to make matters worse I got good education but still failed to get a job”,Lina was still talkative as before I could see.

But so touching was her situation. After having had enough of our beers we drove in Jimmy’s car, we took Lina with us. The strong fragrance of her perfume was irresistibly choking our nostrils. Avenues Block 25. “Find sometime Gift”, I will take you around dear, she said giving me a kiss on my left cheek. I placed a USD 50 note in her bra. I realized she was wearing a blue but matching bra inscribed with the lettering Touch Me. I promised to visit. Whilst I was still wrestling with my mind on whether to get some sexual favors from a friend/colleague Samantha my wife called on Jimmy’s mobile.  ‘Did you arrive safely handsome; I and the kids miss you and please behave!”.

“Why are you still waiting start the car”, I shouted to Jimmy. Now my sisters are now selling their bodies in order to eke a living. Lord Have Mercy. All the same it was a night well spent at Londoners.



 Londoners! Londoners!











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