The Embarrasment

They were coming from the church, they were preparing for a Sunday outing, they were clad in their Sunday best. I was desperately late for our first official introductions. “Where are you dear”? My Nokia C3 was flashing an incoming new message. Fiona my fiancée was texting. She was feeling unease and was afraid too, that the whole episode will flop especially with the character of his dad. Although time is not so important in many African gatherings, Fiona’s mother was that type of a mother who was so particular   and conscious when it comes to time management.

As I dashed out of the room, I grabbed my car keys. I was somehow feeling nervous and unease. I could hear some butterflies in my stomach. The fear was if whether her family would accept me as their future son in law. If not why and what next? All these questions flooded my mind. To make matters worse I was clad in my fading denim jeans, a green T- shirt with the inscription Polo emblazoned in front and around the collar. In case the weather was going to change, I also grabbed my corduroy jacket. Who knows? With the first formal meet up with your fiancée’s parents maybe you will be forced to stay longer, I just imagined. More so with the changing weather patterns, it was always wiser to walk around with a jacket. To make matters worse I had not checked the day’s weather temperature. Upon asking Fiona about the dressing she had just said, “Gift honey don’t dress to kill, just dress smartly as usuall, take it lightly handsome” she giggled.

It was 2 hour drive from my place to the Eastville were Fiona’s parents stayed. A nicely built state of the art mansion, built with the idea of withstanding the test of time. It could be easily mistaken for a presidential mansion. From the exterior they had a well decorated Dura wall which matched well with the various pieces of art that were neatly placed in the gardens. I just said to myself “this must have costed them a fortune”. As I pulled to halt my Nissan 323 I discovered that Fiona’s parents had all sorts of cars which I will not care to mention. Lunch was served in the gardens. From the corner of my eye, I could afford to steal some glances to Fiona. During our meal I also discovered that her parents were so particular about table manners. We finished our meal all in silence. They say silence is golden, but there are times when silence cease to be golden. Frankly speaking I never felt at ease despite the fact that I tried as much as possible to feel at home. With the expensive lifestyle, taste and insatiable appetite for nice things Fiona’s place was never homely for me.Fiona’s dad finally broke the silence. “SON I thank you for coming, we were really expecting and looking ahead to your visit”. “It’s also a pleasure for me to be here dad, it’s an important part of the journey of cementing a lifelong relationship with you as my new family”, I said politely. After having said this I saw Fiona smiling shyly. After giving me a 45 minute interrogation on my career, family status, education, status, ambition etc. Fiona’s dad finally said to me…

             “Young man, you don’t meet our class and standards, so forget about marrying our daughter”.

As she walked me through to my old Nissan 323,the mother who had been silent all along loudly retorted

       “Fiona that should be your last time of seeing that guy!!”

A bitter pill to swallow, it was, after having been together for quite some time I could not hold back tears. Tears of love that were streaming down the contours of my cheeks. What an Embarrassment!


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