Greatest Betrayal

Like two birds in love that fly in harmony and appear to dance with the grace of our love and the innocence of a child. Cindy had given me so much hope and  made me realize the true meaning of life. The true meaning of how a woman should treat a man  and the true wonders of why we are here on this earth.She accepted my heart as her own and we all listened to the rhythm of two hearts beating as one. I thought without her, I would crumble to dust. We gave each other the opportunity to realise that God is not only there but that he does work in wonderful ways.Our love was hatched in the midst of poverty and youthhood.But she loved me unconditionally,at a time when most ladies were rushing to grab men from the City.She opted for a poor soul in the Village.She loved me when no one else could.She was my voice and strength when i felt weak.We then decided to join our lives together in holy marriage that would withstand the test of time.

They talk of a man betraying his country, his friends, his sweetheart.But women can also betray their husband.Today I bear testimony and attest to that betrayal.It is the sweet melodious nice soft-spoken voices that makes us think women are innocent such that they can’t betray.In our
 lives we have been betrayed at one point in time.However,what makes betrayal so painful is when we are betrayed by those whom we trust and belief in. It is such acts of betrayal that robes us of the faith and trust that we bestow upon those who are close to us.I never knew that Cindy will betray me,for our marriage was full of happier days, full of trust and forgiveveness.We both grew up in the same village in Manyene Tribal Trust Lands.Society connections weaved in us good manners, fidelity, trust and love. Our love was founded on a pedestal of humility.

Ours was love in its purest sense, love without any material needs to spice but love  for the sake of love.Despite all the poverty and problems in our lives we decided to settle for a future together.She grew a lot of vegetables in the garden and we supplemented our earnings with the little that i got from weeding from our neighbour’s fields.But she was always supportive saying to me,”Sweetheart,things will be alright one day”.

These words kept us going,but in my inner self i really felt that we were lovers in a dangerous time.We had happier days,we were happy and thankful for what God had given us.Cindy was a strong a supportive wife,the kind of person who radiates a warming and life-giving smile to those who are at the verge of committing suicide.She was a great woman indeed.Even my mother always used to say “Gift ,you are luck to have a great woman like your wife,look well over her”. The whole community praised her,i knew that if there was someone who was going to wrong Cindy,it would be me.She was so innocent to hurt me,betray or leave me for another man like what many woman do. “We will build our own life,with our own sweat” that was her favourite saying,when the times were going tough.

With the power of prayers,we started to see some slight changes in our lives.We went for prayers 3 days per week during the nights.Many say there is power in prayers.The power in prayer was witnessed on the 2nd of July in 2002 at 4:00pm.I received a white envelope from my neighbour Lloyd,he got the mail from the headmaster at our local secondary school.I could not believe it,my uncle Tobias in Harare wanted me in Harare as soon as possible so as to start work.At last God had answered our prayers.Upon breaking the news to Cindy,she could not believe her ears,only what she saw easier to do was to break into tears.She hugged me over an hour,she cried over my shoulder.I could not hold my tears,the only alternative that was left was to cry back.We cuddled into each other  and cried,smiled and cried.Mother Evelyn came to our rescue at last.This was the genesis of better days.

She packed my little belongings in a dirty suitcase and she placed the other few belongings in a white plastic bag.We went to the bus stop and she gave me all the money that she had.This was the money that she got from selling her vegetables at the local shops.Biding farewell,became difficult on my part.But Cindy gave me strength, “Gift,you are going to work so as to change our lives,don’t worry much i will always be there for you,i will write to you soon”.The bus conductor,grabbed my small suitcase and placed it behind the driver’s seat.The long journey to Harare started and i left my Cindy behind.

Whilst in Harare,life proved to be so different from the rural areas.Life was so fast,confusing and tempting.I got employed as a cleaner in some big offices in town in the Central Business District.Uncle Tobias told me that i could not get a better job more than being a cleaner since i was a man of limited academic means.I had dropped out of school at Grade 7.My mother used to mould bricks for the community,sell vegetables and weed in our neighbour’s fields just to cater for my education.But when she realised that i was now able to write and read letters that is when she decided to drop me out of school.Indeed,i am thankful,she tried her level best.With the passage of time,days rushed into weeks and weeks rushed into months.That is how time flies.But no single day passed by without Cindy crossing my mind. She was always in my mind,at times i could hate my job and the distance that kept us apart. Whilst at work i started to get some off (leave) days.I then became a frequent visitor to my rural area to see my soul mate and the love of my life.

We really enjoyed my leave days.I started buying nice clothes for my mom and for my wife Cindy.In most cases when i visited the rural areas i used to write letters prior to my visit so that Cindy could come and help me in carrying luggage from the bus stop.But its on the 26th of December 2009.Previously,i had written to Cindy stating that i was tied at work,so i could not come for the festive holiday at Christmas.However, Innocent and Oscar had told me about how a man should act,that is being unpredictable in the eyes of his wife.These were usual beer hall talks that everyman talk with relish ,i had started to enjoy some of these stories.At the beer hall many narrate different stories about their wives,infidelity,love etc.Inoocent had encouraged me to pay an unexpected visit to my rural home so as to establish whether my wife was up to some infidelity or not.

I disembarked from the bus at around 7 pm but i waited for darkness to fall.At around 10 pm i knocked at the door.There was no answer! I knocked again this time harder.At last Cindy opened the door slightly,upon seeing me she froze on the door.She could not move.Suddenly a cold chill started running through the back of my spine.I started feeling like worms were strolling through my hair.In no time i pushed my way through in the dimly lit hut.OH GOD! I could not believe my eyes sekuru Manyengavana was in his birthday suit  lying on the reedmate.Like an insect collecting nectar,he had come to soil the innocence of Cindy.Like a person watching a movie or drama of some kind, i just dropped my self to the ground.My legs could not support me,i had developed jelly legs.I could hardly breathe.Today i am still nursing the wounds of betrayal.Whether i will trust again time shall tell.To Cindy,i say i loved you with the whole of my heart,you were the core and marrow of my bones.You were the flesh of my flesh,bone of my bone. I should have not left you behind,for you were corrupted by evil cunning deceitful men of this world.I still cry and i am not convinced whether it is the real you that did such a betrayal to me.The House is cold without you.But forgiving and forgetting is not that easy.Together or not. Like broken pieces in a jigsaw puzzle i wonder whether there is someone out there who will come and slot in these pieces together.After this betrayal i will never be my on self. Today i walk around with an empty hole in my life.I doubt whether this hole will be filled one day,I used to picture i and Cindy in the days of our lives but its now me,i and myself. What  a Betrayal.


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