Last Goodbye

Love  makes the world go round,or the world makes lovelife  go round? At one point we have all felt being in love or being loved.It is this irresistable feeling that is in our innerself that we feel towards those whom we hold dear in our hearts.It nourishes our soul,it has some therepeautic effect in our lives, especially when times are hard.Without seeing our beloved ones our days will become so dull and boring.But with the sight of our beloved ones our days become bright like the brightest day in the month of November,when all flowers will be blooming and leaves will be regenerating. But at times love leave us with physchological  scars,wounds and other painful memories.Some will then argue that a rule of thumb in the murky world of love is just to be in love without thinking about tomorrow.

Now i believe those who say love starts with a smile develops with a kiss and ends with teardrops.Cindy was my world, the whole world ended in her. They say beauty lies in the beholder, but to Cindy beauty seemed to be overflowing and evident not only in the eyes of Gift but in the eyes of many. She had that smile that would take you to a lot of  places,and one of the place that her smile took her to, was in Gift’s heart. She was an epitome of beauty, virtue, kindness and perfection.All in all, words  by themselves fail to describe Cindy,probably what one might need is to refer back to Shakespeare’s sonnets and fish out a short poem that might describe Cindy.Where ever she passed, she left  men twisting their heads ,some even tried their luck.All they could be told kindly and gently was that,” i am sorry,i am taken…i still wish you the best in your search”…That was Cindy for you.

 A gentle, soft-spoken and kind hearted woman of substance. She was a cut above the rest. I know my friends used to accuse me of glorifying the beauty and virtue associated with Cindy. But i knew this was out of jealousy. For she was a woman whom every student wanted to be seen hanging around with at the University Campus. On top of her beauty,God had blessed Cindy with good brains.These two then made Cindy a perfect candidate for marriage. She was a woman whom i had decided to spent the rest of all my days of existence with. I thought we would be together till the end of times.In my daily prayer i used to kneel down and pray to God in thankfullness.So mad i was..madly in love i was.There are things we always like to hear in our lives, especially when the words are spoken by those whom we love.To Cindy i was not deaf to hear all those words she slowly whispered in my ears.

From the look of her eyes,i knew she said it from the bottom of her heart.However, some might  say a heart has no bottom, but to Cindy  her heart had a bottom.Together we were an item. Many students at College were jeolousy seeing us together whilst some felt happy and some even extended their blessings to us.Every Tom,Dick and Harry knew that, we were an item in the offing ,a perfect match that could sent tongues wagging when ever we strolled through the CAMPUS pavements. It was only Gift and Cindy in the world.It was only us but us.For we never saw the other people in our lives.To me she was my world. One poet once recited a poem with the following lines,” to the world you might be one person,but to one person you might be the world”. To Gift she was the World. She was the best..she was the one (singing..)

It is a dull Saturday afternoon i am waiting for a friend in Nescafe in Gweru a small town in Zimbabwe.I feel restless, Oscar seems to be taking long to turn up for our meeting.It was our usual rendezveous (meeting place), we really like this place.I and Oscar we both have a good taste of nice things,nice places and we all enjoy an adventure lifestyle. Reading the daily newspaper ,texting messages to friends,but Oscar is still nowhere to be found.I am becoming restless and impatient.But before i run out of my patience a beautiful nice looking young lady enters…My heart skips and starts beating faster and harder.I am now feeling something so strange in me,maybe thats what they call ‘crash’.Is this love at first sight?In my life i had always been somebody who was not interested in openly expressing my love and feelings to strangers,especially after meeting for the first time.

But in this case,i was never my on self after meeting her. “I am Gift”,i said stretching my hand for a handshake.I could see her eyes looking straight in my face,then she stretched her hand to me…After what seemed like a deafening silence,were one could hear the drop of a feather,she said, “they call me Cindy”. I knew that if i was going to ask the question that you are Cindy how much..i would miss the plot. Events later turned faster and easier than i had expected. At first she seemed uncomfortable with sharing contacts.But at last we agreed to call each other.Who knows maybe the first cut was the deepest.Later my friend called me and told me he could not make it for our meeting.So i bade farewell to Cindy.

With the passage of  time, we started calling each other and visiting each other.I later discovered that we were both at the same University but she was in her 5th year studying Surveying and Geomatics.I was in my final 4th year at the same College.In no time i made my love intentions clear to Cindy.After disclosing my feelings to her,we spent some time without seeing each other.She had asked for some time/break to reflect, as like any other woman in the world does,the usual arguments from Girls. 9:45 in the dining hall,after ordering our meal.We talked and discussed at length.And as we were about to leave i discovered that she had not eaten her food.She said she felt not like eating. I was worried then, she must have read my mind. She said,…ummm “Gift dont trouble your self, i heard what you said……lets give it a try”.It was one of my happiest days,for she had finally opened her heart for me to enter.

Minutes rushed into hours,hours rushed into days,days translated into weeks,weeks into months.That is what happens when you are cruising in the roller coaster of love.We were indeed rocking, our days were full of fun, smiles and adventure. Cindy liked these moments, i used to narrate nice stories to her.I could even sing some soothing lullabies for her, for she was my child. On the other hand she was warm, gentle and loving like a mother and as cool as a cucumber, she was more than a lover. She could constantly beg me to re- narrate these stories and she could say …”Gift say more….”She would smile and feel at ease in my company.Little did we know that in our lives we were not destined to be together.All the same i enjoyed these beautiful moments in our lives for she loved me for whom i was.

On the 25th of November we went for a holiday at Leopard Rock at a place called Hakuna Matata.To say we had a wonderful time would be an understatement.I still remember the poem that i penned for her on this day

….When i am sick you are my nurse….when you are ill i am your doctor…when i become a student you are my teacher….when i become a king you become my Queen….let us not run,..but crawl,..let us not crawl..but walk in love..till the end of times you are my world.WE shall rise and rise until we rise…End

That was the short poem i wrote for her.We discussed about our future plans together,a big family with lovely kids etc. After some days of having fun the two love birds returned back home.We were on holiday (vacation) waiting to re-open at Univesity in January.We spent some weeks without meeting each other.Cindy told me that she was driving to go and collect her young sisters in the rural areas to come and spent the holiday in the city.She was travelling with her young brother.We spoke over the phone for 3 good long hours.I could still pick some broken pieces of information in our conversation as i write today…”Gift be a well-behaved young man”…at times we might not live to enjoy life together,we might separate…but we should always remember the good memories” , she said giggling.

‘Why are you saying all these painful words sweetheart”, i quizzed her. Little did i know that that was the last of us…..I could not believe my ears.The words reached me from her aunt.I thought maybe i was day dreaming and somebody would come and awaken me and tell me i was dreaming..”we are really sorry Gift…hope you will be strong…eh…eh…now planning for the burial plans…”Aunt Martha a good woman as well,she broke the news of Cindy’s death, She was involved in a head on  collusion and the road claimed her life whilst her brother survived with no scratch.My world was taken..i was robbed..i cried and cried ,i became a pale shadow of my former self.For there was no more Romeo and Juliet.

I am clad in black suit and aunt Martha is wiping away my tears ,we are at Granville Cemetry…I reminisce the last day of our Holiday at Leopard Rock (Hakuna Matata). That was our last Goodbye..the telephone call or the burial…All these events signal my LAST GOODBYE. She was gone too soon,i wonder if i am still able to love again.Her untimely death has left an irreplaceable void.Nobody will ever fill in the gap she left.She went with a part of me in her, and left a part of her in me.On the day of the receipt of the news of her death, a human being in me died that night.Its not easy to Love again……We are all victims of fate, but i will always remember the words she spoke on our last goodbye conversation…”I will always remember her” Till we meet Again!

This is a story that featured in the Midlands State University Magazine called Campus Times…Gift Mwonzora writes in his own capacity.




3 thoughts on “Last Goodbye

  1. Time is a great healer. It will make an opportunity for you to see each other once more some where in holy-land! It was the best of the times– it was the worst of the times!!

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